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Sail Shade World are an Australian company and the world's largest manufacturer of shade sails with over 80,000 satisfied customers worldwide. Standard (pre-made) sails are available from stock in 220 g/m2 permeable material which offers a UV protection level of 95%, equivalent to SPF 40. Custom shade sails are available in a wider range of materials and colours, provide up 98.8% UV protection and are delivered within 10 days. All products carry a 10 year guarantee against UV degradation.

Sail Shade World is the fastest growing brand in the shade sails market. Based in South Australia, they have a reputation for outstanding quality, fast delivery and excellent customer service. If you are seeking the highest quality shade solution that can be delivered in a few days you can be assured that you are dealing with a global leader who offers quality without compromise.

Featured Products

standard shade sails 36 square 5 tri 36 tri 345 tri

Example Installations

This video presents a small selection of installations of our solar shade products:


Custom Made Shade Sails

Custom shade sails are individually manufactured to your exact measurements
and are produced in triangular, four, five and six sided designs.
Three different models are available:

1. Residential Quality

2. Commercial Quality

3. Fire Retardant

Sail Shade World Instant Quote System

Calculating Your Sail Dimensions

Shadesail Dimensions

Before using the Sail Shade World Instant Quote System you should measure the dimensions of the sail that you require. The system provides two options for entering this data:

1. Exact - the dimensions you enter are the exact dimensions that would be used to manufacture the sail. You must make an allowance for the fittings that you plan on using at each corner of the sail (typically 30cm).

2. Allowance - the dimensions you enter are the dimensions between your desired mounting points. In this case the quote system will make an allowance for the fittings and calculate the correct size of sail for your application.

This document provides more guidance in calculating the correct dimensions and using the on-line quotation system.

Using the on-line quotation system (pdf) (opens in new window)

Delivery and Installation

FREE Delivery

Standard Products: All prices include FREE delivery to Metropolitan Australia by Australia Post. Please contact us for delivery outside metro areas.

Custom Made Products: The prices quoted by the Sail Shade World Instant Quote System are valid for 7 days and include delivery to Australia by DHL. You can place your order and pay on-line with through a secure payment processing system. Manufacture of your sail will begin within 24 hours of order placement and will be completed within 2-7 days. It will then be dispatched using the DHL courier service and we will provide you with the tracking details so that you can follow the shipment of your order.

Installing Your Sunsail

Sail shades can be installed by anyone with some degree of "do it yourself" expertise - it is not normally necessary to use the services of a professional. A few tools will be required - to make holes in a wall or timber to secure the mounting points and this may require the use of power tools such as a hammer drill. The installation will be a lot easier if a second pair of hands are available to help pull the sail into position.

Bear in mind that the sail itself is immensely strong - the edges are manufactured from car seat belt webbing - so any forces due to the wind will be passed by the sail through to the mountings. If the sun shade is left in position in windy conditions, the mountings must be very secure and the sunsail must be installed with a large amount of tension at each corner.

For more information on safely installing your sail, see the Sail Shade World installation guide:

Shade sail installation guide (pdf) (opens in new window)

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Deliveries to USA and Canada

For customers in the USA and Canada, please visit our partner website: Shade Sails USA .

Deliveries to Europe

For customers in Europe, please visit our main European website Voile d'Ombrage France, which covers deliveries to all European countries except the United Kingdom.

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Sail Shade World

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