5m Triangular Shade Sail

This product has been discontinued and replaced with our custom made range of shade sails and fittings.
Custom made shade sails can be ordered on-line and will be delivered within 14 days.
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5m triangle
Colours Dimensions Marine grade stainless steel Shade sail border 5m Triangle

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Our Commitments


  • Equilateral triangle 5 x 5 x 5 m
  • 220 g/m2 breathable shade fabric, 90% protection UVA/UVB
  • 10 year colour fast warranty
  • Quality product from Sail Shade World
  • More than 80,000 sold worldwide


  • Specialist shade cloth allows the sail to breathe providing exceptionally cool shade
  • Reinforced edges made from car seat belt material
  • Marine quality (314 grade) stainless steel attachment rings at each corner
  • Highest quality available in the market


Ready made shade sails supplied by Shade Sails Direct do not require professional installation. They can be installed by anyone with a reasonable level of handy man skills - it is useful to have a second person available to assist with mounting and tensioning the sail during installation. Please consult our installation guide for more detailed information on installing your new shade product. We also offer fitting kits in marine grade stainless steel for attaching the sailshade to your fixing points and applying adequate tension with turnbuckles.


  • Available in four colours: porcelain, architectural grey, forest green and coastal sand


  • Satisfied or your money back
  • Quality without compromise
  • Delivery in 2-3 days, 10 year warranty


If our standard size pre-made shade sails are not suitable for your installation, why not take a look at our custom made ranges ? Using the factory instant quotation system you can get an immediate on-line quote, valid for 7 days. Custom sails are made to order and delivered in 10 days.


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CUSTOMER REVIEWS - These reviews have been provided by customers that have purchased one of our products. If you would like to leave a review, please contact us.

Fast Delivery - Porto23

Having had problems with delivery delays on some products I have ordered on line I was very pleasantly surprised at the prompt delivery of my shade sail - well done.

Stylish Triangle - Dubret

The triangular designs of shade sails do not provide as much shade as the rectangular designs, but they do have two big advantages 1. You only need three fixing points instead of 4 and 2. They look a lot more stylish. For next season we may purchase a second triangle and arrange some overlap.

Very Impressive Shade - Al White

The information on the site did mention the permeable material providing "cool shade" but having experienced this for myself I can say it is a revelation compared to the canvas awning we had before. The hot air just seems to escape rather than being trapped. Good quality item.

Top Quality - Sunny

This is the second shade sail we have purchased and I had to write and say that we are very impressed with the quality. These shades are built to last.

High Tension Required - Matty

When we first installed the sail we didn't apply a lot of tension at each corner - we were just happy to get the shade up. However, when we had a bit of wind the sail did flap about quite a bit. On re-reading the installation guide we realised we needed to apply more tension - actually a lot of tension ! This made the sail a lot more solid and the wind hasn't been a problem since. It pays to read the instructions...

Colour Change - Jim F

We initially ordered the sand colour thinking it would be quite light. In fact the colour is darker than we expected - always a problem with trying to accurately show colours on a computer screen -and it changes slightly in different lighting conditions. We decided to chage for a Porcelain colour which is very close to white and the return and exchange was handled without a problem.

Very Good Quality - Tim45

High quality and gives very cool shade - the neighbours are jealous.

Some Rain Protection - James Forrest

Although the website states that the shade sails are permeable and not designed for rain protection they do in fact provide some cover from light showers. If installed at an angle the rain tends to run off across the surface. This was an added bonus for us.

Great Product - Jeremy

Fast delivery, quality product - no compalints so far. You might need help with the installation if you are not used to home improvement work - drilling holes and installing suitably strong fixing points.

Stylish Shade Solution - Kay

Much better than the parasols that we had to keep replacing every year.


Triangular Shade Sail Fitting Kit

Price: $72

IN STOCK   -   FREE Delivery

shade sail fitting kit

Triangular shade sail fitting kit in marine grade 314 stainless steel.
Consisting of:

  • 3 x D shackles for attachment to shade sail
  • 3 x Turnbuckles for adequate tensioning
  • 3 x Eye bolts for structural attachment
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