Key Considerations For Your Garden Gazebo

An outdoor gazebo can create a stunningly beautiful place to relax in. However there are a number of very important factors to take into consideration before you can end up with the enthralling final result.

The first quality decision you will need to make is where in your garden or premises to locate it. What you want to use your gazebo for will need to be at the top of your mind as you draw up the plans. The exact spot and location are critical because it needs to be a place where you and the other intended users will find ideal for gathering to relax.

Size will be determined a lot by what specific use you want to put it to. However it is important to make sure that it is not too big because it could easily take over the entire outside space which will not be desirable. And make it too confined will also not be desirable.

Construction and shape

Most gazebos are wooden but there is no harm in choosing alternative material. There are many interesting materials in the market these days to choose from that will give you some stunning results. Most experts agree that the hexagonal shape (with six sides) usually turns out to be the most pleasing and welcoming to the eyes. It is possible to get a pretty good idea of what the final result will look like with the help of special computer software. This is an important part of the project because you do not want to be unhappy with the final result after putting in so much. It would be prudent to see aspects of your design that may not turn out too well long before you have started construction.


Advantages and alternatives

One of the most popular uses folks put their gazebos to is for dinning during summer. With the right furniture this can work out quite well because you will want furniture that looks great alongside the style you have chosen for your structure.

Still others ensure that their gazebos can be used all year round for a variety of different activities. And so they will have air conditioning and even heaters fitted inside their structure. The decision is really yours but you will need to take this into account early in the project at the planning stage because many designs will not be appropriate for electric fittings later.

This is one of the reasons why you may want to consider shade sails instead of a gazebo. These can be made to look more comfortable and can be more easily altered as your needs and desires change.

Shade sails have many advantages. They will usually give the same comfort and protection from the elements as a gazebo but perhaps their biggest plus is the cost. They are in fact much cheaper than gazebos. Also considering all the structures that have to be put up with a traditional gazebo shade sails are much simpler to handle and will give you exactly the same results or even better.

All you will require for a shade sail installation will be the shade sail itself, some suitable fixings and mounting points. The mounting points can be as few as three, although four are most commonly used. What’s more is that the sails can be adjusted to cover the exact space you want covered. They offer a high degree of UV protection to filter out the harmful rays of the sun.

Those who have used Shade Sails and had bad experiences will tell you that the problem usually has to do with the wind. However, these problems are almost always related to the mountings rather than the shade sail itself.

Whatever design that you finally decide on, it is a good idea to keep an open mind at the planning stage and be able to carefully weigh both sides of the coin to determine what will suit your needs best at the end of the day and the ideal gazebo or gazebo-like structure best suited for you and your needs.

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